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Full Fashion Jet Black Nylons 

Vintage Full Fashion Nylon Stockings

Picture by: Pav Sommer



These Vintage Full Fashion Stockings require a Garter belt


3004_garter_Belt_syl41.jpg (99464 bytes)

Picture by: Pav Sommer

 Pictured with a 3004 Back Hook Garter Belt 

Made of sculpted lace spandex Powernet
Three Hook and eye Back closure
4 fully adjustable garter straps
Vintage style Metal garter grips

Please take a look at my lovely Garter Belts

Garter Belts 




100% Nylon Stockings
Silkiest Ever Made
Flat Knit
Manufactured  1950s ~ 1960

image23.jpg (103568 bytes)

Picture by: Pav Sommer


image21.jpg (114172 bytes)

Picture by: Pav Sommer


We feel that for that very special occasion this sexy, most feminine and sheerest Vintage Full Fashioned seamed hosiery
with the alluring Cuban Heel, full reinforced sole and key hole at the welt to be gartered to the garment of your choice is the
finest of all stockings that were made back in the 50s.  

These Vintage Nylon stockings are set Flat Knit at 51 gauge and Some at 60 gauge with its silky smooth 
sexy feel and as clear as a mountain spring using 15 Denier nylon.  


This is the thickness of one thread of nylon used in making Hosiery.
The lower the number in denier, the lighter and finer the yarn and thus the Sheerer the stocking.
Formula weight-per-unit-length (It is numerically equal to the weight, in grams, of 9,000 meters or 9842 Yards of yarn).


The number of threads per 1 in a single knitted row. 51 gauge means 51  threads per 1 inches.
The more threads per area the higher the gauge. Increasing the gauge makes a stocking more silk
like and adds to its durability. To manufacture a higher gauge stocking increases cost to both
manufacture as well as consumer.

This hosiery cannot be reproduced today because of its exceptional quality and workmanship.  

As with all my Vintage Hosiery these are of a very limited stock and are probably never going to be replaced.  



Size Price/pair  
8 L $29.99  
8 1/2 M $29.99  
8 1/2 L $29.99  
8 1/2 XL $34.99  
9 M $29.99  
9 1/2 M $29.99  
9 1/2 L $34.99 Sold Out
9 1/2 XL $34.99 Sold Out
10 L $34.99 Sold Out
10 1/2 M $29.99  
10 1/2 L $34.99  
11 L $39.99  

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Full Fashion

Stocking material is knitted flat in sheets, cut to the correct size and a seam up the back unites the two sides afterwards.
As a result of decreasing stitches over the calf to make the hose narrower in the ankle, small "fashion markings"
or loops are visible running parallel to either side of the seam.


This is determined by a combination of gauge and denier and not as many peoples mistakenly believe by gauge alone.
It is obvious that the denier or thickness of the yarn has as much to do with sheerness as does the gauge.
A 51 or finer gauge stocking is sheer only if the yarn with which it is knitted is a thin or low denier yarn.
However a 60 gauge 15 denier stocking for example, is actually less sheer than a 51 gauge/15 denier
stocking  because even though the weight of the yarn is the same in both, 60 gauge has more yarn pushed
together in 1 inches of stocking. It is very difficult to see the difference in the sheerness of these
two types of stockings and the added benefit of the silkiness of the 60 gauge stocking
is well worth its price.


Found these interesting Tid bits below, just a little in site of what it was like in the hosiery industry many years ago. 
Writing in Quotes from Great Site, take a look.


"Full Fashioned Hosiery Automatic Knitting Machine Operator Wanted"

"Full Fashioned Hosiery Automatic Knitting Machine Operator - Operates knitting machines to knit hose to shape of foot and leg:
Places spools of yarn on spindles of machine and threads machine. Places welt rod in retaining notch of welt bar and turns lever
to lower welt bar to knitting position. Pushes yarn carrier into position and turns bar to start machine to knit welt. Hooks draw-off
straps from take-up roller to welt rod to hold welt and leg taut during knitting. Turns handwheels to position picot bar to knit
stitches joining welt to leg of hose and to raise picot and welt bars after welt is knitted. Stops machine and clips loose  threads
 at welt and toe of completed hose, using scissors. Removes welt rods and hose from machine. Counts, bundles and attaches
identifying ticket to hose. Replaces and aligns needles and points of machine, using pliers. May also clean and oil machine."


Oh yea, please bring machine with you if you have one, I could use it. Wow, a bit of History here,
can you hear the Unions complaining on this job description.

Sewer And Inspector of Hosiery

"Sewer And Inspector - Inspects seamless hose for knitting defects and operates sewing machine to close openings in toes of hose:
Pulls hose over inspection board to turn hose inside out and inspects hose for defects, for example holes, runs, and dropped stitches.
Revolves inspection board by hand to inspect both sides of hose. Slides toe portion of hose off end of inspection board and positions
toe of hose under presser foot of sewing machine. Presses pedal to start machine and guides toe of hose under needle of machine to
close toe. Strips defective hose from inspection board by hand and places hose aside for mending. Pushes hose without defects from left to
right off board, where hose is sucked through opening in end of board to turn hose right side out and stack hose in rack. Threads and cleans lint
from sewing machine.May also examine stitch markings on defective hose to identify malfunctioning knitting machines and flip switch under
corresponding machine number on panel board to stop machine and notify fixer. May also attach toe of hose to mechanical device that
automatically feeds toe of hose under needle of sewing machine  to close toe."

Sizer 1

"Sizer 1 - Length control tester, seamless Sizer, size tester Measures un-dyed hose to determine if size meets specifications:
Pushes stretch measuring devise to machines and collects sample hose from storage bag under ejection chute of each machine.
Pulls hose onto closed parallel leg-shaped hydraulic form of stretch measuring device, moves lever to release air into form to
spread form and stretch hose, and reads scale device to determine whether hose meets product stretch specifications.
Repositions hose on form and repeats process to measure stretch of specified sections of hose, according to procedure.
Records results and informs KNITTING-MACHINE FIXER (knitting industry) 689.260-026 of any machine malfunctions.
Adjusts knitting machine to correct minor malfunctions." From