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Hanes Barely Black 415


Vintage Hanes Stockings Night Mist 715






Hanes Nylon Stockings 415 Quick Silver



The Hanes Nylon stockings that we offer to you are vintage, manufactured in the 1960's through 1970s, Flat knit, made from 100 % Nylon, first Quality and are of limited Quantity.

These are not Vintage style, reproduction or copies but the authentic stockings produced by Hanes Hosiery.



Hanes Family of Flat knit Nylon Stockings 

 Hanes model 415 Flat knit, Ultra Dress evening sheers (15 Denier) with RHT
(Reinforced Heel and toe). 

Hanes Model 530 -  Flat knit, Ultra Day sheers (30 Denier) with RHT
(reinforced heel and toe). 

Hanes Model 715 -  Flat knit, Ultra Dress evening sheers (15 Denier) with  
nude heel and reinforced toe area.  


The Hanes brand was born in the Southeastern United States, in the state 
of North Carolina. In the 1950's Hanes Hosiery invents seamless 
hosiery manufacturing and back seam stocking manufacturing 
soon after diminishes to almost being non-existing. Hanes 
was a national leader in the Hosiery industry for many 
reasons, some of which is their flat knit Nylon stockings were 
very durable, low sheen, consistently fitting, color fast and available 
at all leading department stores due to great marketing strategies. Their 
Flat knit nylon stockings were the essential wear of woman throughout the sixties, 
till a terrible thing happened to the nylon stocking industry as whole, pantyhose. 

The Hanes stockings that we offer to you are vintage, manufactured in the 1960's through 1970s, 
Flat knit, made from 100 % Nylon, first Quality and are of limited Quantity.

We have searched for many years for these stockings 
and now believe these are the last of there kind.

One of the most desired nylon stockings in the sixties 
is again available through Alexis4U as if to step back in time.  
These to be gartered nylon stockings are the basic elegance 
that will complement your most alluring attire and I am sure 
you will find these stockings as I have to be your choice 
whether for that special night out on the town or 
in a warm cozy place of your desire.



Hanes Hosiery History


From: Hanes / History    2008 Hanesbrands Inc.

Almost 100 years of history and tradition underpin the work we do today. John Wesley Hanes established the company in Winston-Salem, North Carolina in 1901 to manufacture men's socks. Today's headquarters is only a few miles away from the site of the first plant. The original company was known as Shamrock Mills until 1914 when it was renamed Hanes Hosiery Mills Co. In 1918 the conversion was made from manufacturing men's socks to women's socks.

When nylon was developed in 1938, Hanes was among the first to identify its potential in the hosiery market. Years of research led to the development of seamless hosiery and enabled the company to pioneer the introduction of pantyhose in the mid 1960s.

While John Wesley Hanes was concentrating on hosiery, his brother, P.H. Hanes, began P. H. Hanes Knitting Company to manufacture men's underwear. Both companies experienced outstanding growth for half a century, each reaching $50 million in annual sales by the early 1960s. In 1965 the two companies merged to form Hanes Corporation.

With its position well established in department and retail stores in the 1960s, Hanes sensed an opportunity to develop a product that would impact the growing food/drug/mass merchandising arena. Capitalizing on the technical expertise within Hanes Hosiery, the company introduced L'eggs in 1969. The innovative egg packaging captured the imagination of consumers and the product's quality, price and convenience met the needs of active women. The marketing strategy was so successful that L'eggs Products, Inc. became a separate division of Hanes Corporation in 1972, setting the stage for the phenomenal growth by L'eggs.

In 1979, Sara Lee Corporation, headquartered in Chicago, Ill., acquired the operating divisions of Hanes Corporation. Hanes Hosiery and L'eggs Products, Inc. were rejoined under the Sara Lee Hosiery banner in July 1987. Sara Lee Hosiery, a division of Sara Lee Corporation, is headquartered in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

2008 Hanesbrands Inc.